Friday, April 9, 2010

FTC Barcelona

Two days ago the legendary San Fransisco based skate shop FTC with shops in Sacramento and Tokyo opened up it's doors for the first time on European soil. With the hard work of Lee Smith and Julio Arnau, we are now lucky enough to have FTC here in Barcelona supporting the skate scene.

To thank Lee and Julio I decided to re-label a piece of "jamon iberico". This is basically an entire pigs leg, smoked and then cut in fine pieces and finally served as tapas or on bread. It will hopefully keep the guys strong for the coming weeks.

The store is located right around the corner from MACBA on C/ Notariat 5

So whether you live in Barcelona or just visiting make sure to swing by FTC and support Lee and Julio!

Here's some pictures from the store and the goodies it has to offer.

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  1. Shalle, me gustaría compartir dos vídeos de diseño gráfico que me han impresionado, a ver qué opinas de ellos. Aquí el primero,, y aquí el Making Of, El artista se llama Zeitguised.